Purpose Driven for Life

Why Choose Us

This is a safe digital platform to sculpture strong young African girls help them to become purpose driven and continue the cycle until no girls potential is left unnoticed.

Doing things our way

Qualified Mentors

Purpose Driven for Life matches pairs based on mentor and student profiles, and we provide expert advice on how to build a strong mentoring relationship. Our staff also provides curriculum assistance for your school journey.

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Helping our mentees

Our program staff hold a "mentor huddle" each month, immediately following pair events. These informal conversations give mentors a space to reflect on shared challenges and small wins with their mentees. Each year, a small group of mentors serves as ambassadors in each partner school work and organize informal activities for mentors to connect and build community.

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Tools to provide an enhanced experience

Purpose driven for life makes use of technological tools to enhance the personal experience. Our online mentoring platform allows mentors and students to connect securely using web applications that guide them successfully through their school curriculum and help them stay in touch. This platform therefore becomes an accessible Learning Center, where mentees find helpful advice, guidance and direction that will enable them to easily complete their studies.