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Focused on 3 E’s of equality, PD4life is a platform designed for the equipping, enabling and empowerment of young girls of school going age. Through mentorship, they will realize their potential, expand their aspirations and strengthen their voice otherwise left unheard and ignored. They will practice autonomy amongst other basic human rights with the aim of creating for themselves lives that are fulfilling and inspiring for generations.

Dr Nokuthula Nkosi-Mafutha


Dr Nokuthula Nkosi-Mafutha born at Matafin, Mbombela. Parents were both farm workers. 3rd born of six children, she pushed the boundaries and managed to acquire her first degree in nursing science in 2005. She was inspired by her mentor Prof JE Maree to pursue her 1st masters degree in 2009, and further went on to specialized in Masters advanced psychiatry as adviced by her mentor that nursing was moving towards specialization.

Nokuthula always kept contact with her mentor seeking guidance where necessary and acquired her PhD in 2017. Through her journey in her career Nokuthula realized the importance of a mentor especially considering her background, the need for mentoring of young girls especially from poor backgrounds can never be over emphasized. Nokuthula is currently working at the University of Witwatersrand is married and blessed with three beautiful girls.